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What is Activity Timer?

The Activity Timer is an Excel 2013 add-in tool for activity time studies. It records times from a stopwatch against defined activities and exports data into an Excel Workbook. 

 Why do you need a Activity Timer?

Most business operations needs improvement and this add-in helps process improvement experts gather data on how long these activities take. Currently most process improvement experts and engineers use a Stopwatch and a physical time record paper. This process requires the data captured on paper to be captured again into a Excel spreadsheet, which takes time. This add-in, closes that gap. Any person who is doing time studies can just add an activity, name it and record the times using the stop watch. This process can be repeated on an activity for as many times as possible. Most activities require 16 instances in order to determine the activity's standard time.

How to use the Activity Timer?

The Activity Timer is very simple to use. In few steps and clicks, you can have all the data you need to analyse and improve an activity of interest. Follow the following steps to get the best out of the Activity Timer. The pictures are to help with the explanations:

Step 1: Add Activity

When the add-in is loading on your Excel 2013 spreadsheet, the first step is to add an activity. Other buttons are deactivated to prevent mistakes and optimize the workflow of the add-in.  The Delete column of the table is used to delete an activity not needed anymore (Note: Deleted Activities CANNOT be recovered).

Add Activity

Add Activity


Step 2: Edit the name of the activity

Name the activity according to what you want to reflect. This name can be edited at anytime except when the stopwatch is running.

Step 3: Record activity Times

To record the time of the activity, click on the start button to start the stopwatch. Once the activity has stopped, click on Stop button to stop the stopwatch and record the time against the activity. If you want to add more time record on the same activity, click on the Add Column of the Table that has a sign "+". Activity with time currently recorded will change to an OrangeRed color. You can add as many time stamps as you want per activity.

Step 4: Paste Data in to spreadsheet

Once you have all the activities you and and have recorded the relevant times, you can paste the data into your spreadsheet by using the Paste button.


The Activity Timer is that simple to use. Watch video below for demonstration

Download from Office Store