360-degrees presentation of your simple Excel data

We all know it is very important that business results be widely understood by all people. Good understanding of data increases chances that good business decisions be made. Data visualizations are tools seeking to assist us present our data in a manner easily understandable to all. For your big data there is a lot of business intelligence tools on the market such as Tableau, PowerBI, QlikView, etc. For a simple Excel data there is not much.

Microsoft Excel offers charts and data visualizations to help explain our data in excel. Microsoft has also opened an Office Store to allow independent developers to create other visualizations tools to enhance your office experience. One tool I would like to bring to your attention is modernCharts developed by Mzamose Holdings.

modernCharts moves you from just creating an Excel chart to creating an informative reporting visualization for your simple Excel data. This tool helps you answer critical questions regarding your data such as:

1) Was the business goal met?

2) What contributed to the meeting of the goal?

3) What trend are associated with the meeting of the goal?

If the goal was met, everyone must understand what right things were done in order to sustain them and if not what needs to be corrected. Understanding trends is an input tactical business decisions to ensure right decisions are taken at the right time. This innovative tool lets you have 360-degrees presentation of your simple excel data, which will allow your audience to understand everything about that data set.

Hope you find it useful.