Tell your data story using indicators in Modern Charts

Descriptive statistics are analytics that summarize a set of data. Descriptive statistics can be categorised as measures of central tendency and measures of variability. Measures of central tendency include the mean and median. Measures of variability includes the standard deviation of the data set.

Modern Charts and innovatively incorporated some of the basic descriptive analytics for you to add on the charts and slides. These indicators, couple with the charts and infographic icons, will allow you to comprehensively present and explain your data set.

Presenting using Modern Charts created charts and visualizations will enable you to visually indicate:

  • Which if the data points are Above or Below average line;
  • What is the Median point of the data set;
  • What is the Overall Sum of all data point; and
  • What is the spread (standard deviation) of the data points.

These above indicators forms part of the discussions in understanding the data and eventually the root-cause of any problem.

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