Spend less time creating reports in Excel!

How much time do you or your colleagues spend in Excel creating reports every week?

No matter the size of the organization or company a lot of people spend hours every week creating reports in Excel. The reports vary from Sales to Production to Engineering, Safety, etc. Some times it can also be creating a presentation for management or board meeting. The idea of creating charts and visualizations is so that the audience can understand what the data is saying. From understanding what the data is saying, decisions can be made to see the desired outcomes.

What if there was an Excel visualization tool that can save you time, money and effort in creating visualizations that best explain your data?

Actually, there is: modernCharts! modernCharts can create 4 charts explaining a single set of data in Excel, literally in seconds! This tool is aimed at saving Excel users time in creating reports in Excel. modernCharts also has built-in templates for Sales, Production, Engineering reports which can be used to even save you more time. More templates will be added as time goes by to make sure your life is made easier!

See the modernCharts page for more information!