How to get your audience to understand your main point

Let us assume you have a set of data, in Excel, you want to present on how 3 different shift are performing. 

The question you need to ask yourself is: What do I want to tell the people who would be listing to me? The answer to that question will determine how you would want to present your data and what visualization (charts) you would have to use. In Excel you have a range of charts, you can use. However, let assume you want your audience to see:

  1. How many units were produced overall? and
  2. Which is the best performing shift?

This Excel chart would not be able to answer the questions above.

If you don't have enough time to present and you need to make your point as quickly as possible, you definitely will struggle using the chart above. This is where modernCharts Excel add-in comes in to assist. modernCharts can quickly take the same data set and do and:

  1. Calculate Total sum of units produced; and
  2. Calculate total units produced per shift;

These 2 calculations will allow you get you main point through quickly without wasting any time. modernCharts would then plot the visualization that assist you get your point through to your audience.

In addition to your audience understanding your point quicker, modernCharts can also asssist you send more information through such as: Each shift average production. As you can now see, modernCharts is the tool to use, if you want to get your point through as quickly as possible. modernCharts is very easy to use, no skills or training required and will save you and your audience time, improve the communication and allows the team to make good business decisions.


Download modernCharts from Office Store (30-Days FREE Trial). See the what you need and instructions to download from our Support page