5 Differences between Modern Charts and Think-Cell

Think-Cell is one of the most used presentation add-in for Office in the world. A lot of companies, especially consulting firms, use it daily when going about doing their work. Modern Charts is the new kid on the block that has a different service offering. The biggest difference between  Modern Charts and Think-Cell is that Modern Charts mainly offers infographic charts. Modern charts has one of the largest infographics charts library in Office 365, with over 40 charts in most of the major sectors. Modern Charts is mainly aimed at assist people to create self-explanatory reports, dashboards and presentations. USING MODERN CHARTS WILL IMPROVE COMMUNICATION AND UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR DATA!

The following table details the other differences and why we think both tools can coexist.

Modern Charts vs. Think-Cell

Microsoft Office Platform



Data Presentation

Unique Chart Types

Modern Charts and Think-Cell are not direct competitors though they are both visualizations and charting add-in tools for Office. Both tools can be used by the same person for different reasons. Modern Charts is also linked to Office365.

Below shows different types of reports and charts you can create using Modern Charts

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