Modern Charts

What is Modern Charts?

Modern Charts is a visualization tool that empowers people to create beautiful, effective and memorable infographic charts for reports, presentations and even dashboards! One can create infographic charts for Finance, Human Resources, Productivity and Digital Migration.

Why Modern Charts?

With more data every day, in this Fourth Industrial Revolution era, the brain needs more effective visualizations to assist it in processing information faster and better. Modern Charts provides and infographics charts library that present the data in a manner that is easy for our brains to read, process and store.

Key Benefits of using Modern Charts

Create easy to communicate visualizations in no time!

Creating as infographic is as easy is creating a normal chart in Office 365!

Comprehensive charts, infographic icons library within your Office 365 platform!

You don't have to switch between Office and another platform to create you infographic charts

No Advanced Excel Skills Required

Any Excel user can use Modern Charts, from beginners to Advanced. The interface is very easy to use and no set-up time!

Key Functions

100+ Infographic icons and charts!

Comprehensive library of infographic charts for different sectors such as: Construction, Health, Education, Sports, Logistics and Agriculture.

Use customised colors for your brand!

Use the HEX codes to make sure you create visualizations with you specific brand colors!

Discriptive analytics on the chart!

Add descriptive analytics (sum, average, median, standard deviation, etc) on the chart. This will enhance your report and presentation!

Its as easy as creating any other chart or visualization!

FREE 15-Days Trial!

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