Modern Charts

What is Modern Charts?

Modern Charts is an platform to create effective data representation in Microsoft Office 365! You can create these representation using charts, infographics and layouts within Modern Charts!

Why Modern Charts?

Modern has a comprehensive infographic charts library and presentation layouts to ensure that your data message is properly understood!

Key Benefits of using Modern Charts

Save time in creating effective infographics in Office 365

Modern Charts makes creating effective infographics very easy in Office 365. Creating as infographic is as easy is creating a normal Excel chart!

A comprehensive infographics charts library within your Office 365 platform

You don't have to switch between Office and another platform to create you infographic charts

No Advanced Excel Skills Required

Any Excel user can use Modern Charts, from beginners to Advanced. The interface is very easy to use and no set-up time!

Key Functions

20+ Infographic charts!

Comprehensive library of infographic charts for different sectors such as: Construction, Health, Education, Sports, Logistics and Agriculture.

ONE set of data in FOUR different perspectives
  • Overall Sum/Average;
  • Summarised by Data Series;
  • Summarised along axis; and
  • The actual detailed data (with average lines, % change between to points, etc).
Narration on presentation

What you cannot present, you can narrate. Modern Charts can add a chart narration to add more meat to your presentation!

Create clearer data presentation with Modern Charts!


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